Vivekotkarshini - Vivekadeepini For Students


Vivekotkarshini Spardha

Elocution competition on different aspects of Sri Shankara’s role in national unity and recitation of the hymns composed by Sri Shankara for students of higher education and children up to higher secondary standard, constituting individuals not only from Hindu community, but also from Muslim, Christian and other sects. The Certificate was issued to all the candidates who passes the examination.

Students holding First/Second place winners are encouraged by honouring them with Gold/Silver medal at different levels like school/District/State level.


Viveka Deepinee

It is well known that today’s youth have been denied introduction to Indian culture and heritage, as a result of which they are trapped in a life of indiscipline and disunity. This is indeed a cause for concern among the elders of our nation. It is also a unanimous opinion of the educationists that it is their primary duty to impart the knowledge of Indian culture and moral values to the youth.

Vedanta Bharati has stepped in to render its humble services in this endeavor. “Viveka Deepini” is an activity organized by Vedanta Bharati where in students of high school level are taught the selection of shlokas from Prashnottaramalika. This composition is most suitable in giving appropriate guidance to these children. Being simple and lucid Prashnottaramalika is specially suited for personality development in children.

Vivekadeepini has been initiated and has obtained recognition of Dept of Education Govt of Karnataka. This is being extended to all schools in Bangalore District and later to all Districts of Karnataka. In 2006 His Excellency The Governor of Karnataka Sri.T N Chaturvedi addressed the conference of 3000 school children and expressed appreciation and wanted this programme to be implemented in all schools.

Viveka Deepinee has been held in different places of Karnataka. During last 12 year reaching thousands of schools across the State. The department of Primary and higher secondary education blessed the initiative. Since then, Lakhs of children have learnt the message of Shankaracharya through the efforts of Vedanta Bharati.