Stotrapathana Mahabhiyana


A program aimed at involving mainly mothers, brothers and children in Chanting and understanding the meaning of Sri ShankaraBhagavatpada’s Stotras has been well received and is growing in acceptance and popularity by the day

ShivanandaLahari in 2005-2006 Throughout State

ShivanandaLahari was chanted throughout the state. Many Upanyasas were held by vidwans through the state. Mothers and children chanted ShivanandaLahari in unison and offered it at the Lotus Feet of SriSri ShankaraBharati Swamiji.

Shivalahari- Dashashloki Mahabhiyana


Dashashloki is one of the Stotras composed by Sri Shankaracharya. In this, the true nature of Aatman has been expounded in a simple style. The cardinal objective of this Mahabhiyana is to bring about this kind of awareness and transformation in society. A small step of this nature, we eagerly believe may bring about a colossal transformation in society. This initiative is being rolled out in two stages – ‘Saptaha’ and ‘Samavesha’. At the time of Saptahadevotees gather and perform ‘GurupadukaArchana’ at every centre, chant the three Stotras viz., Gurvashtaka, NirvanaShatka and Dashashloki.

Ananda Sindhu

The Ananda Sindhu event comprised of several programmes, such as - the chanting of some of the selected Stotras by Adi Shankaracharya by over one lakh mothers, brothers and children, speaking and recitation competitions for school children and an unprecedented exhibition of collection of almost all books with compositions of Sri AdiShankaracharya and works by authors written on Sri Adi Shankaracharya collected from all over the world. The four stotras selected for mass chanting were for bringing about the feeling of National Integration, through universal one-ness, and the welfare of one and all. This event was graced by many dignitaries like Sri Parasharansolicitor general of India, Sri Nochuru Venkataraman. Chief guest of the event was our beloved former deputy prime minister Sri Lalakrishna Advaniji.


Verily there exists nothing in this world more noble and sacred than atmagnana the self-knowledge. Sri Dakshinamurthy is the supreme primordial God and bestower of this knowledge. He silently enlightens the seeker to realise universal oneness and removes our delusion. With the help of this Guru the seeker understands that the indweller Atma in all beings is same as Paramatma. He is the confluence of all the three, the almighty God, the all knowing Guru and the ever shining Atma the indweller in all of us. With this in hindsight ‘Bodharoopanusandhanam’ has been launched in Karnataka. The recitation of these will bestow health, prosperity, knowledge and wisdom, says Sri Sureshwaracharya the direct disciple of Sri Shankaracharya.

Sri Shankara Jayanthi Mahothsava


ShankaraJayanthi was celebrated as a “Saptaha” which was conceptualized by Vedanta Bharati making it easier to follow by everyone throughout the state. This format of Saptaha has now gained wide acceptance and is being observed in a consistent manner throughout the length and breadth of the state. Every day in the Saptaha is identified as a day of significance and the key messages in the depths of the works of Shankaracharya were disseminated to all at over 2000 Kendrasstatewide.Upanyasas were organized by learned vidwans to communicate the invaluable meanings hidden in the depths of Shankaracharya’s works for 5 days.