National level Seminar

Vedanta Bharati is recognized as a research unit of Tumkur University to create opportunities for Ph.D aspirants on Indian Darshana and Philosophy.

The seminar is a joint venture of Tumkur University and Vedanta Bharathi. The message of Vedanta as revealed in the Upanishads, Bhagavadgita and other texts is significant for all times, as it is based on a set of universal principles and takes into account conduct, social responsibilities, problems and development of human society. It is all the more relevant in the present age, when the world is facing grave spiritual and moral crisis. Vedanta philosophy through its wisdom provides hope for the modern world to combat its challenges. Vedanta also has deep-rooted connection with modern science and technology. The seminar has the objective of creating quality consciousness and encouraging pursuit of excellence among student community.

It is going to serve industries as a resource base for quality by providing practical tools based on Total quality Management. It also provides a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise to industry and society.

Vedanta an holistic Approach - Dec 26 to 28 2011

Contribution of Vidyaranya Swamigal 18, 19, 20 Dec 2012

Retreat program - "Uddharedatmanatmanam"

A growing need among professionals now is to balance the demands of their work-life with personal wellbeing. Indeed, their response to their families and the society at large depends on their success in achieving such balance. An early realization of this truth is crucial for a life that harnesses the value of being Indian

In order to address this all important issue, this retreat is planned with the theme "Uddharedatmanatmanam” a line from the Gita. The Amrita Bindu Upanishad says –Mana eva Manushyanam Karanam Bandhamokshayoh. Vedanta Bharati is organizing this Adhyatma Chintana Program primarily for professionals. Discussions are to be held based on the import of Upanishads, Medical science, and Modern science about the nature of Mind, its characteristics, and methods of its control. Pujya Shri Shri Shankarabharati Mahaswamiji would be gracing us with the Adhyatmic knowledge from Upanishads, while accomplished Doctors would present us the benefits of including Adhyatma in our professional lives.

A unique feature of this retreat is that it is for different focus groups of specific professions. Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Academicians, Software Engineers etc., all with specific concerns defined by their work. Thought processes, concepts of everyday life etc. appear to be group-wise common. Solutions offered may thus be acceptable by most.