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Vedanta Bharati has already familiarized and had spread the messages of Sri Shankara, in the form of stotras and minor texts (Prakarana-Granthas), through the discourses by learned scholars, in the medium of Kannada and English across Karnataka. Presently, Vedanta Bharati has taken a new lofty initiative to introduce and spread the messages and the deepest esoteric Truths in Sri Shankaracharya’s commentaries on the Upanisads to the society. The discourse series on the commentary on the TaittireeyaUpanisad(TaittireeyaBhashya) is chosen as the first step. As TaittireeyaUpanisad encapsulates all the most important aspects found in all Upanisadic texts, it is going to familiarize and expose the Vedantic tenets and logical reasoning to the sincere seekers of knowledge. Therefore, having considered this to be the appropriate entry-level treatise for beginners and seekers, Vedanta Bharati has chosen TaittireeyaUpanisadBhashya as the subject of the first in the series of discourses.

The first “Saptaaha” – the seven-day series of discourses on Sri Shankaracharya’s Taittireeya Bhashya was organized from 10-12-2018 to 16-12-2018 in Bangalore. This Saptaha of discourses was held at 40 centers spread across Bangalore, and discourses was held in Kannada and in English at some centers.

Several scholars who have undergone study of Vedanta Shastras in a traditional setting directly from and erudite Guru- Preceptor, delivered their discourses based on the ShaankaraBhashya on the TaittireeyaUpanisad at 40+ centers at Bangalore.