Vedanta Bharati

Dashamah Soundaryalahari Paaraayanotsava

28 & 29 Oct 2017


Vedanta Bharati is an organization striving to spread the tenets of Advaita propounded by Sri Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpaadaah to one and all. Today's society is under the spell of unrest, hatred and differences.  The only panacea for this is the Doctrine of Universal Oneness – “EkatmaVada” established by the Great Acharya. Vedanta Bharati, committed to this cause, has been reaching out to society through the compositions of Adi Shankaracharya, inculcating good values among youth , elders and students, across the State. The most prominent among the Stotras chosen by Vedantabharati  from  the  Acharya's  compositions are “SoundaryaLahari”  and “Dakshinamurti Ashtakam”. The event, still fresh in our minds, is the one held ten years back in 2007, where, lakhs of  mothers, brothers and school  children did peaceful  Stotra Samarpana – offering  mass chanting of SoundaryaLahari Stotra , at the Palace Grounds, Bangalore. Since then many lakhs of people have been practicing and chanting SoundaryaLahari Stotra across  Karnataka. In addition, they have also been specially learning and chanting Sri DakshinaMurti Ashtakam.


                SoundaryaLahari , which is a Kamadhenu for those who chant it,  bestows man with the  essential means such as knowledge, wealth and strength.  As the Sadhakas, Scholars and Sanyasins have declared,  it is capable of bestowing happiness, peace and overall well-being to man and makes him an asset of a healthy progressive society. This has been working as a priceless mantra.

 SL Vaibhava


                Sri Dakshinamurti is the one who bestows the power of intelligence and wisdom, which helps them to make right decisions, and  which is sought after by students and scholars alike. It works as a priceless Mantra. Yogis such as Sanaka and Sanandana attained self-knowledge from Sri Dakshinamurti  Himself as Sri Sankaracharya informs us.  We, the ones endowed with limited intelligence will also realize SarvaatmaBhaava – universal one-ness by contemplating on the meaning  and chanting these stotras. There is no better device to erase differences, hatred and ego.


                With the goal of bringing within reach, all these benefits to the society, especially addressing the home makers, youth and school children, the organization Vedantabharati, has been relentlessly engaged in the movement over two years – the Dashamah SoundaryaLahari Parayanotsava Abhiyana – across the State of Karnataka.


                Vedanta Bharati has the Divine Blessings of the Chief Parton – His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji, His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji, and the active guidance of the Patron- His Holiness Sri Sri Shankara Bharati Mahaswamiji, for a successful  planning and execution of the two-year-long movement – Abhiyana – being observed across the state.


                On this auspicious occasion of having completed 10 years of Parayana, a public gathering of Ladies and Men is planned on the Sunday 29th Oct 2017 and another of High School students on the Saturday 28th  Oct 2017 as a Grand Offering. Program will be held at Tripuravasini, Palace Grounds, Bengaluru from 1pm to 4pm. Vedantabharati's ardent wish is that through this Parayana, lakhs of Parayana Kartas should acquire the grace of Jaganmata who is also Dakshinamurti Svarupini.  This will surely usher in an Adhyatmic and Social change in the society at large.


                Hence it is requested that we keep aside  individual pursuits and chant these Stotras with oneness of mind. Please join in this effort with your kith and kin.


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