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Documentary on Soundarya Lahari


On the occasion of the Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava, Vedantabharati has decided to bring out a documentary on Soundarya Lahari. As a part of this, Sri Sankaracharya’s extraordinary intellect, the greatness of his works, his great service to the nation are to be highlighted. Soundarya Lahari - the Stotra Raja among the many stotras composed by him – is to be the focus. From the date of its composition, any commentaries, books, articles, discourses, experiences of Upasakas ( including those of Srichakra Upasakas where relevant ) available till today are to be covered.


                We request you to send us any information about the following:

  • Any positive experiences you might have had due to parayana of Soundarya Lahari.  ( instances of resolution of any difficulties faced )
  • Any recent / ancient commentaries, articles, paintings, research papers on Soundarya Lahari.
  • Any recordings of discourses on Soundarya Lahari, videos of dance etc. involving Soundarya Lahari,
  • Any folk art, songs etc. on Soundarya Lahari.
  • Famous practitioners of Soundarya Lahari parayana, families with a tradition of Soundarya Lahari anushThana.
  • Experiences of Srichakra Upasakas about Soundarya Lahari
  • Various practices  around Soundarya Lahari upasana
  • Sculpture involving Soundarya Lahari
  • Methods of practice of Soundarya Lahari at Devi temples
  • References to Soundarya Lahari in Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra sastra.


Please convey above information to Vedantabharati through the following mediums.

SMS / Whatsapp  : 7259600553

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

post:  Postal address of Vedantabharati provided on this pamphlet.


NoteThere is no charge on participation in this Abhiyana. You may obtain books with Soundarya Lahari text in Kannada and Devanagari (Rs. 5), the CD (Rs. 30) and the Dakshinamurthy AshTaka text in Kannada and Devanagari script – Bodharupam (Rs. 10), and CD (Rs. 30) from Vedantabharati.