Chaturmasya Vratha Celebrations

Chaturmasya Vratha is observed by His Holiness Sri Sir Shankara Bharathi Mahaswaiji, Peethadipathi of Yadatore Sri Yoganandeshwara Saraswathi Math, along with his successor designate His Holiness Brahmananda Bharati Swamiji from  24-7-2021 to 20-9-2021  at Sri Japyeshwara Kshetra (JapadaKatte).On 24th July, Saturday, His Holiness will commence the Vratha by performing Vyasa Puja and taking the Sankalpa.

Vedanta Bharati, Veda -Vedanta Institution Of Studies and Research, was established in the year 1999, with the blessings of Jagadguru Shankarachara Paramapujya Shri Shri Bharati Theertha Mahaswaminah, Dakshinamnaya Shri Sringeri Sharada Peethadhishwara, by Pujya Sri Shankara Bharti Swamiji, Peethashipati of Yadatore Sri Yogandeshwara Saraswathi Math.

Since inception, Vedanta Bharati, has been spreading the doctrines of Advaita such as Universal brotherhood, honesty, integrity, and truthfulness across the different strata of society.

Vedanta Bharati does this consciously by through various approaches like, 

  1. Publishing of books related to Advaita Philosophy
    Vedanta Bharati has published over 80 books on Advaita Vedanta. Many Stotras of Sri Shakracharya have been set to tunes and produced as CDs. During annual events like Shankara Jayanthi, Vardhanti Mahotsava of HH and on Vijaya Dashami new books are being released. 
  1. Vedanamana, Bhashyaparayana Satra and Vidwadgosti
    1. Vedanamana 
      A periodic conference of erudite Vedic Scholars and delegates of Karnataka state and other South Indian States to reinforce the foundation of Vedic Study and its proper instruction, which is the legacy of our culture. Presently this needs further strengthening and diffusion to the future progeny in the generations to come. 
    2. Vidwadgosti
      Every year during the auspicious Chaturmasya Vrata of HH during the month of July/August , highly esteemed vedantic scholors from different parts of South India take part in a five day gathering, to discuss, contemplate on some of the pivotal topics on Prastana traya based on Shankara Bhashya.
    3. Bhashyaparanasatra
      On the occasion of Shankara Jayanthi, Bhasya Parayana Satra and Vidwat Chintana Goshti are arranged for five days in the morning and afternoon respectively, during the month of May with a view to preserve and disseminate the wisdom of our scriptures. 
  1. Shankara Sandesha Saptaha
    Sri Shankara Bagavatpada is an ever-shining star in the firmament of Bharatheeya Darshana Shastra. He is the guide who has shown the ultimate goal of life and thereby showered the soothing ambrosia of spirituality to humanity caught amidst various mental afflictions. By stringing the universe into one through the doctrine of non-duality of the self, he has been a benefactor to the world. He is the ultimate healer who propounded that knowledge of the self is the only divine cure for all sufferings of beings. In modern times the globe is shrinking into a village, yet the chasms between its people is widening, hatred and jealously are on the rise and mutual mistrust is waxing. The current relevance of the message of Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada that the true inner self is the one and the same in all of us, can never be over-emphasized. The call of the master to achieve the spirit of oneness is a mighty force goes to strengthen universal brotherhood. 
  1. Stotrapathana Mahabhiyana
    A program aimed at involving the society at large in Chanting and understanding the meaning of Sri ShankaraBhagavatpada’s Stotras has been well received and is growing in acceptance and popularity by the day.
  1. Retreat program 
    A growing need among professionals now is to balance the demands of their work-life with personal wellbeing. Indeed, their response to their families and the society at large depends on their success in achieving such balance. An early realization of this truth is crucial for a life that harnesses the value of being Indian.

In order to address this important issue, this retreat is planned with the theme “Uddharedatmanatmanam” a line from the Gita. The Amrita Bindu Upanishad says –Mana eva Manushyanam Karanam Bandhamokshayoh. Vedantabharati is organizing this Adhyatma Chintana Program primarily for professionals. Discussions are to be held based on the import of Upanishads, Medical science, and Modern science about the nature of Mind, its characteristics, and methods of its control. Pujya Shri Shri Shankarabharati Mahaswamiji graces us with the Adhyatmic knowledge from Upanishads, while accomplished Doctors present us the benefits of including Adhyatma in our professional lives.

A unique feature of this retreat is that it is for different focus groups of specific professions. Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Academicians, Software Engineers etc., all with specific concerns defined by their work.


24 June, 202110:30 am


20 September, 20216:00 pm


S.J.Y.S. Mutt, Japadakatte

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