Shaankara Geeta Sourabha

The ultimate objective of life is to realise universal oneness with Brahman. However considering people at different stages of attainment of this Truth, Sri Shankaracharya provided many stotras for worshipping various God forms also as depicted in our Puranas. He accepted this worship of Gods with name and form as a gradual means to attain the formless Brahman, the ultimate Truth. As there are many paths for One Truth, stotras for different Gods were composed by him. The theme of universal oneness and power to experience ultimate bliss is inherent in all his compositions besides being full with profound meaning and poetic beauty. The object of Indian Classical Music also is to give the same experience of ultimate bliss to humanity

Music is therefore referred as ‘Nada Brahma Upasane’. A true singer will not only experience this blissful state while singing but makes the audience also become part of blissful experience. Such music rendered with Sri Shankaracharya’s compositions will only multiply that blissful experience with abundant satisfaction. It will be a ‘journey to Amrutatva’ with the combination of Amrutha and Sanjeevini.

With this objective Vedanta Bharati had organised “Shaankara Geeta Sourabha”. During Nov 2014 at Gayana Samaja, Bengaluru. In this week-long event Sri Shankaracharya’s compositions were rendered to classical music in both Hindustani and Carnatic style by renowned musicians.

This was greatly acclaimed by one and all and was telecasted live throughout the world. Post this event thousands of young budding singers have motivated in this direction and have been incorporating singing the Shancharacharya stotras either in Carnatic or Hindustani music Style .

Photos from the event

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