Shankara Vachanamrita

Shankara Vachanamrita Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada is the resplendent star that appeared over 1300 years ago on the firmament of Indian Darshana Shastra. That was a time when there was overindulgence in rituals. There were the invasive attacks of those who rejected the existence of Atman. People were confused about the mode of leading a Dharmic life. It was then Acharya Shankara taught the people the Vedic means to Moksha. It was He who established, on firm ground, the core teaching of the Upanishads, with His inimitable and powerful logic. The Acharya did not propound any new sect or system. His teaching is the panacea for any individual thirsting for the Truth and is determined to walk the path lit by that Truth. Whatever system we follow and whatever form of God we choose to worship, if only the Acharya’s teachings are accepted as the guiding principles, we can be assured of reaching the goal of realizing the Truth. If one were to secure the direct realization of the truth pertaining to oneself and the perceived universe, one’s very perspective of the world gets transformed. His very personality is rendered purified. Purification at the individual level would result in the cleansing of the nation itself. This results in a unified vision at the macro level. In the light of the teaching of the Upanishads, the entire universe is an illusory appearance in the unitary Consciousness. There is nothing other than this Infinite Consciousness. There is no room for attachment and aversion when in truth everything is One alone. Having blessed the world with such an immaculate and magnificent path, Bhagavatpada Shankara established Mathas in the four directions of our nation thereby adding power and glory to the feeling that we, the descendants of the Holy Bhaarat, are 4 one nation. He ensured the uninterrupted flow of the Upanishadic liberating teaching on systematic lines with these Mathas as spiritual power-centers. Completing His life’s mission at the age of 32 years, Acharya Shankara Bhagavatpada ascended the Mount Kedaranath (Himalayas) and was no longer seen by anyone. Even to this day the beacon light of the teachings of the Great Acharya, who is truly immortal, continues to guide all of us on the path of Moksha. Let us never lose sight of these priceless gems of His teachings.